Do you want to take your financial services practice to another level?

Working together through coaching, I can help you:

  • pinpoint your ideal client
  • find personal satisfaction
  • produce consistent and lucrative long-term results

You can also take advantage of tools and resources I’ve developed to hone your skills on your own.

With over 40 highly successful years in this industry, I understand the art of developing relationships with people. Building your ideal practice starts with conducting business in a very human way.

My Workbooks, Sales Aids and Software help financial services professionals build their ideal practice. Take your practice to the next level!

"Nick Ray's book There's More to Selling Than Making the Sale really hits the mark. Follow his roadmap and you won't get lost on the way to making more money — a lot more money.
Katherine Vessenes, JD, CFP(R), RFC

The Smart Selling System™:
Five interconnected paths that will lead you to building your ideal practice.